Scott Berrian, a.k.a. Gilligan Strange, is the mastermind behind the Rock and Roll Acoustic Show – a one-man special act featuring a funkified mix of rock, blues, pop and country sounds. The show is a perfect opening act for a big venue or a headliner for a small venue.

Gilligan has a knack for rocking out with murky grooves and hard-hitting rhythms. When he strikes a chord, it’s like a glass of the spiciest Zinfandel – it zaps you immediately, but goes down nice and smooth. After a few, you’ll be dancing, clapping and stomping right along with him.

Throughout his career, Berrian has performed with bands such as the Wingnut Adams Band, Out of the Blue, After Dark, Sin Nombre, Backslid3 and Bad Habit$. As a solo artist, he’s been spotted at Helwig Winery, Drytown Club, and Bg’s Lounge, as well as at special events throughout Northern California’s Sierra Foothills.

To book the R&RAS for your event, call Scott Berrian at (209) 217-7018 or e-mail wolfcountry1970@yahoo.com. Be sure to *Like* his Facebook page.


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